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Visit The Roseville Site!

We have another great sale in Roseville! Get tickets and info at this site!

Roseville Sale

Valet Information

Don't have time and want someone else to tag your items for you? Join our Valet program! Want more info? Click the button to go to a sign up form and enter your info. You will receive an email with the valet info. If you are interested in doing valet click the READY TO START button at the bottom of that email. You will get a link to the drop off instructions. 

Valet Interest Info

Selling At JBF

Get everything you need to sell at JBF right here in a quick snapshot! 

Supplies List

We sell all the supplies needed to get your items sale ready. We bulk buy and sell them to you at cost so you can get the lowest price possible! Check out the list and send us an email of what you need and we will work it out from there. 

Drop Zones

Make drop off a breeze by packing your items into our Drop Zone categories. Zone 1-3 you set up and hang up. Zone 4-7 go in baskets on the tables! See the full list here.

Drop Off Map

Know where everything goes and where the Drop Zones are before you go! Also where check-in is located.